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Data Migration

08 Juin 2022

We continue our series of posts on Billinglabs:

Step 4 : Data migration

You have clearly defined what you wanted as a new billing system based on BillingLabs. Your end-users understand the reason for change : they had training sessions and have defined all required process to run the new tool.

One last (but not least) working stream is necessary before running your new tool : the migration of your existing data into BillingLabs.

The migration consists in extracting the data from the old source, transforming it to match BillingLabs’ structure and constraints, and finally inserting it in BillingLabs. It is specific to each company and depends on the company’s size, organization, and on the complexity of the products and offers to migrate.

This part can be handled internally, within your company, or subcontracted to us.

Thank you Elvina !

For mor information : Data migration and data quality – BillingLabs Solution

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