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Change Management

25 Mai 2022

We continue our series of posts on BillingLabs

Step 3 : Change management

Once BillingLabs has been setup in accordance with your company’s needs : the ChangeManagement and the Training of the end users can happen.
New billing systems are always a major change for most people: although the request for change may initially come from the Marketing or Sales Department, the impact of the change is larger than the teams who initiated it. For a good adoption of the new tool within the company, the Change Management is crucial.
We will ensure that it is both fluid and seamless : SpikeeLabs has experts who will accompany your end-users into
-Understanding the reasons for change
-Adapting the existing processes
-Using the new tool
-Communicating to their customers on the impacts of the new tool for them if any

A good and smooth Change Management through training sessions and communication will secure the transition between the old billing system and BillingLabs. It will be part of making your investment a success.

Thank you Elvina !

For more information : Change and stakeholders management – BillingLabs

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