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Billinglabs step 7 : Roll out part 2/2

21 Juin 2022

The Roll-Out is very technical… but not only! It generally consists into the “activation” of the new application.

Nonetheless, it should also ensure all services are properly connected.

Some tests should happen to verify everything is running as expected: System checks, smoke tests, sanity checks…

A communication should also happen according to a predefined communication plan.

A lot of people will be involved in the rollout that happens within a predefined time-window.

It therefore makes sense to have a Project Manager in charge of the follow-up of the good execution.

Most of the companies choose the Migration Manager to be the “Roll-out Manager”.

This makes sense as the Migration Manager has a full understanding of both the existing tool and the new tool, both the technical and functional aspects.

He/She would be the perfect coordinator and point of contact in order to make the Roll-Out a success.

Thank you Elvina !

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