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Roll out part ½

17 Juin 2022

We continue our series of posts on Billinglabs

Step 6 : Roll out part 1/2
You are now ready to Roll-Out your new billing tool based on BillingLabs.
Your organization has given the go based on all the work done on the tool design and configuration, the end users’ training, the communication plan, the level of quality of the data to migrate, the reliability of your rollback plan…
The Roll-Out task can sometimes be seen as a one-shot task that is not worth investing internal resources in. This would be an error.
Your internal resources should have a clear understanding of the new billing system in order to run it when it is live.
The best strategy is to have your production team working closely with the SpikeeLabs Engineers in charge of the deployment of the tool in production.

Thank you Elvina !

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